10 Years Radar Speed Sign Manufacturer

Radar Speed Sign (also called driver feedback sign or speed limit sign) is used to alert motorists aware of the speed they are traveling by displaying speed information. This durable sign is lightweight, compact, widely used in school zones, neighborhood streets, parks, and other accident-prone areas.

Below aspects are the main issues that need to be considered when seeking radar speed signs.

No.1 – Message display

The most common type of display combines a static “Your Speed” message along with an active panel board that shows drivers their actual speed.

radar speed sign-1

Besides that, We also have other options:

radar speed sign-2

Smiley function

smiley function (also called emoji funciton) is aiming to force the warning effect, if vehicle speed exceed speed limit, display red angry emoji, otherwise display green smile emoji.

radar speed sign-3

Dynamic text

similar like smiley function, red warning text (i.e. SLOW DOWN) will be displayed if vehicle exceed speed limit, otherwise will display green text (i.e. THANK YOU).

radar speed sign-4

Warning light

Normally amber warning light starts to flashing when vehicle speed exceed speed limit.

No.2 – power supply

Our radar speed sign power source is lithium battery, by the use of a Solar Panel it can be operated without external power. AC power is also optional.

No.3 – Installation and setting

Our driver feedback sign has tough construction, could be easily installed by one person. The settings is easy, the speed limit value could be set by DIP switch without connect to computer. The product has low maintenance and long lifetime features.