3 Colors LED Signalling Pole


LED signaling pole from GA company is aiming at solving the problem that heavy vehicles like buses or trucks block the view of the signal right above to motorists behind. the LED lights on the pole will emit the corresponding colour of the traffic signal, making it visible from a long distance. It will be of help for motorists along broad and long stretches like Marina Beach Road, which was frequented by heavy vehicles too.

LED signalling pole solution details

The LED signaling pole is made of LED strips and traffic light pole. The LED strips are 1 meters length, it can be connected by many pieces according to the pole length.

LED signalling pole 01
LED signalling pole 02
System charactoristics

1) Easy installation to link with the existing traffic control system
2) Suitable to all intelligent traffic systems
3) IP67 certification, resistant to dustproof, waterproof and durable
4) impact resistant
5) Automatic synchronization with traffic light modules without any delay
6) Low energy consumption
7) Fully operational in harsh environments and industrial areas

LED signalling pole solution projects
LED signalling pole 03
LED signalling pole 04
LED signalling pole 05
LED signalling pole 06
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