Flashing Solar LED Traffic Sign

1) Units are encapsulated and sealed to withstand all weather
2) Made of Aluminum for corrosion resistance
3) High brightness, far view distance
4) Factory price, customized service available

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Solar Led Traffic Sign from GA is covered with high-performance reflective material which enhances visibility, and has the ability to flash day and night with certain periods.

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Specification of solar led traffic sign
  • solar panel: 9v/5W polycrystalline silicon, lifetime >10 years
  • Battery: 6V/7A High-temperature Li Battery, service lifetime > 3 years
  • LEDs: Bright LED with focusing mirror, view distance >800m
  • Controller: Light control, can control the LED flashing all day or at night
  • Work time: can work 72h when it basked fully for 8h
  • Work environment: can work normally at -30℃~+65℃, constant work time> 200H
  • Protection: Waterproof outdoor use Weight: approx. 6.5KG/pcs for 600*600mm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Working mode: flashing lighting

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