DC12/24V Wireless Traffic Light Controller

Wireless Traffic Light Controller is built with the latest technologies. This type of traffic light control system is completely wireless, can be solar powered, and eco-friendly.

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Wireless Traffic Light Controller is an ideal solution for small road intersections, the system no need to cut the roads and lay the cables, thus could reduce the installation and maintenance cost.

Besides, the wireless traffic signal light controller is automatic, timing based and programmable. The user program the master controller unit via a remoter as per the traffic sequence needed. Traffic Sequence can be set to Weekday Sequence (Monday to Friday), Weekend Sequence (Saturday and Sunday), and Special Day Sequence. The maximum Special Sequence quantity is 9 and each Sequence can be controlled separately.

Wireless Traffic Light Controller Characteristics
  1. One intersection needs one master controller
  2. Battery or DC12-24V operated
  3. Can be used with solar panels
  4. Wireless signal range 300 meters
  5. Automatically green conflict detection, In the case of green conflict, it automatically becomes a yellow flash.
  6. Access into the manual model at any time
  7. Allow adjustment, check, and set up at any time
  8. Time synchronization with GPS clock to maintain international standard time and time duration in a sequence
  9. Nonvolatile data memory as long as 10 years
  • Power Voltage: DC12~24
  • Nominal Output Current Per Line: 5A
  • Clock Precision: 0.1S
  • With PFC+PWM: >0.8
  • Power Consumption: ≤1W
  • Loaded Power: ≤1,100V/output
  • Ambient RH: 45%~95%
  • Product Size (mm): 20.7×10.3×3.7cm
  • Working Temperature: -25ºC ~ +75ºC
  • Each way load capacity: 5A
Mode of operation
  • Auto/ Manual
  • Signal/ Flash