Traffic Countdown Meter

The countdown timer is used to inform drivers when the signal will change. High brightness red, yellow and green LEDs are used inside. It has the feature of automatically learning the signal phase duration.

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LED Traffic Countdown Meter reminds drivers and pedestrians of the waiting time through counting down numbers to effectively reduce the rate of traffic accidents

We supply different kinds of LED countdown timer, countdown meter, including one digit, two digits, two and half digits, three digits, with single color , bi-color , tri-color. The countdown for learning type.

Specification of Traffic Countdown Meter
  • Input Voltage: 12-24VDC or 85-265VAC
  • Power factor: >0.9
  • Size: optional for 8-inch (200mm), 12-inch (300 mm), 16-inch (400mm), etc.
  • Available Type: one digit, two digits, two and half digits, three digits
  • Color-Wavelength: Red 620~630nm, Amber 590~594nm, Green 503~508nm
  • LED: High intensity LED (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Working Humidity: ≤0.97
  • Average Life of LEDs: 80,000 Hours
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC ~ +80ºC
  • Housing/Mask Material Type: Optional for polycarbonate and metal
  • Housing Color: Black
  • Rating: IP65 Weather Resistant
  • Housing: UV Resistant Poly-carbonate