Portable Solar Arrow Board Trailer

GA’s arrow board trailer is a versatile, low-operating-cost arrow board that provides maximum visibility at all times while directing traffic through construction zones. This system is powered by a battery storage bank charged by a top-mounted, shadow-free solar panel.

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Arrow Board Trailer Range is solar-powered and features a robust design. Our portable arrow boards are compact designed and rotatable, have high bright visibility and low power consumption, quick and easy to set up and operate.

All models are available in different sizes and configurations, the led lamps available for 15 or 25, with multi-flashing display modes, and a height adjustable mast with a 360-degree rotation.

Electrical performance of Portable Arrow Board Trailer
  • System power: DC12V.
  • Lamps: 15pcs or 25pcs amber lamps
  • Arrow sign display models: multi-models
  • Power system: 1×150W solar panel, 2×65Ah battery for 24/7 run time
  • Signal light drive current: <10A
  • View distance: more than 1000m
Operation environment
  • The temperature in the working environment: -20℃~70℃
  • Relative humidity: ≤85%, no condensing
Appearance and structure
  • Display size: 2400×1200mm (Length×width), other size on demand
  • Weight of Trailers: approx. 600kg (made of metal)
  • Material: Metal
  • Degree of protection: Universal rack IP55 (maximum IP65)
  • Trailer Powder Coating Colors: available for red, orange, white, etc.
  • Mast and legs: with retractable mast and wind-down legs

Arrow Board Trailer-10

Arrow Board Trailer-11

Arrow Board Trailer-9

Arrow Board Trailer-8