200mm Mobile Traffic Lights Movable Traffic Signal Trolley

200mm red, yellow, and green colors traffic signal head (the two-color red green countdown is optional), mounted on the movable trolley, in response to emergency power outages and other needs, containing the battery, can be in rainy all work continuously 5 Days.

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These battery-powered mobile traffic lights are used when road work is taking place. These are portable and easy to set up. Featuring the latest technology, completely silent and wireless.

Linked by radio link to eradicate the need for external wiring connections. Low power consumption LED optics to give a continuous running time of up to 5 days.

Compact design suitable for all road work applications. Easy transportation and safe loading

Electrical performance of Mobile Traffic Lights
  • System input voltage: DC12V.
  • Signal head: 200mm red amber green
  • Wireless controller: multi-phase, DC12-24V input voltage
  • Power system: 1×50W solar panel, 1×30Ah battery for 24/5 run time
  • Signal light drive current: <1A
  • Maximum communication distance between signals: ≤1500m
Operation environment
  • The temperature in the working environment: -20℃~70℃
  • Relative humidity: ≤85%, no condensing
Appearance and structure
  • Overall size: 800×600mm (width×depth)
  • Weight of Trailers: approx. 40kg (made of metal)
  • Material: Metal
  • Degree of protection: Universal rack IP55 (maximum IP65)
  • Trailer Powder Coating Colors: available for red, orange, white, etc.
  • Wheels: with 4pcs caster wheels
Mobile Traffic Lights Pictures

mobile traffic lights-7

mobile traffic lights-8

mobile traffic lights-9

mobile traffic light-10