1500m Wireless Solar Temporary Traffic Light

Solar Wireless Temporary Traffic Signals are a sturdy solar powered traffic system, quick and easy to setup and operate. They are designed for high visibility signalling in applications ranging from work zones and bridge repair to special events and emergency backup.

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Temporary traffic light normally works as a pair, it’s widely used for temporary situations such as organizing reverse traffic when repairing roads.

Our lights are powered by solar, no need to connect cable. The wireless communication distance can be as far as 1500m. The continuous working time on cloudy days is at least 7 days. The signal sequence can be programmed by a remoter, cycle time can be set up according to project needs.

Features of Temporary traffic light:
  • Maintenance free battery, providing best in class run-time of at least 7 days
  • Battery charger ensure battery work in good condition
  • Lock-down stabilizer system to prevent unwanted movement when deployed
  • High performance radio system for reliable operation, communicate distance as far as 1500m
  • Controller, work as a Master and Slave, setup by a remoter


temporary traffic light-2temporary traffic light-3

temporary traffic light-1 temporary traffic light-4