Ramp Vehicle Priority Control System For 1-way Parking Lot


A common situation: during the maintenance project of a multi-level parking garage, one of the ramps would be closed down, leaving the other one-way ramp open for vehicles to go up and down. Since only one vehicle can use the ramp at a time, how to find a reliable and economic way to manage traffic flow and prevent vehicular accidents becomes a challenge.

By using traffic lights, combined with loop sensors and one-way ramp traffic signal controller, we are able to reduce wait times for vehicles and increase the level of safety for all drivers.


Easy setup and installation

Economic solution

No complex software

Reliable quality

System configuration

The system for each ramp is consisted by:

One way ramp traffic signal controller — 1pcs

Loop detector — 2pcs

Traffic signal head — 2pcs

Buzzer — 2pcs (optional)

System benefits

Proven Technology

When a vehicle approached one of the ramps, the signal would show GREEN while the other signal would show RED to stop any other motorists from using the ramp.

What are the Benefits?

This is an excellent solution that saves costs on expensive man power required for traffic controllers on site. Our customers benefit financially while the end user enjoys improved, more convenient services.

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