ATC4000 Intelligent Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System

Why need Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System

Traffic in a city is very much affected by traffic light controllers. When waiting for a traffic light, the driver loses time and the car uses fuel.

Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System is the solution to this kind of issue. It uses a real-time traffic adaptive approach to urban traffic control by measuring current traffic conditions and then adjusting Cycle Lengths, Splits and Offsets. Its real-time response to changing traffic conditions ensures the most appropriate traffic signal phasing to safely direct traffic through intersections. Using in-road and/or above road sensors, and by sending instructions to traffic signal controllers to manage signal timings, automatically maximizes traffic throughput, minimizes delays and minimizes the number of stops.

Self-adaptive traffic signal control system does not only mean that traffic lights are set in order to minimize waiting times of road users, but also that road users receive information about how to drive through a city in order to minimize their waiting times.

Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System 01

Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System Configuration

Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System 02

The system is consisted by traffic flow detector, self-adaptive controller and traffic lights.

Camera detector

Intelligent detection of vehicle queue length.

Control system

After receiving data from the camera, the controller then triggers and improves signal timings.

Signal light

The traffic light automatically extends its signal intervals.

Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System Features

Reduce Waiting Time

Reduce congestion through smooth traffic flow

Remote management

Flexibility to the operators to interact with traffic information display (VMS)

Real-time responds

The control algorithm makes traffic signals change and adapt based on actual traffic demand

Intelligent adaptive

Can be integrated with other systems like Bus Priority, Emergency Vehicle Priority, etc.

Adaptive Algorithm
Dynamically adapts to changing traffic conditions in real-time

Interactive software
Interactive software provide clear live status updates

Fully compatible
System compatible with different lights

Self-Adaptive Controller main functions


Automatic / fixed times

Light off features

Automatic change between summer time/daylight time

All red

GPS Timing function

Red-green conflict warning

Pedestrian push button

Manual / remote control

Actuated by the traffic flow with extension and/or cancellation of traffic phases

Bus priority

Centralization with dynamic plan selection or phase progress

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