What is smart traffic light system?

smart traffic light system originally is developed to solve the problem of the fixed time traffic light switch between different directions— the vehicles have to wait for a long time span even if the traffic density is very less.

By introducing a sensing detector and communication in different intersections, now smart traffic light systems can adapt the changing traffic density patterns and provide signals to the controller in real-time operation.

How the Smart traffic light system composed?

The smart traffic light system is composed of 3 parts. First is the detector or sensors, they are used to collect road traffic information, these sensors use different technologies, from induction loops, Microwave radars, video cameras, to lasers.

The second component is a traffic light controller, it instructs the traffic lights to change signals according to the optimization plan.

smart traffic light system-1
Camera detector
smart traffic light system-2
Intelligent traffic light controller

The last component is the traffic control center, which optimizes road traffic by analyzing and utilizing the gathered data, then commanding the traffic light controller and other equipment works as a holistic signal. In this way, reduce the driver’s waiting time at the intersections, or give Bus priority. VMS could display real-time traffic information.

smart traffic light system-3
VMS display real-time traffic information
smart traffic light system-4
Bus priority