LED Traffic Safety System

GA Traffic has provided reliable and leading-edge traffic systems and signage solutions to the industry for over 10 years by executing with excellence, applying the latest innovative technologies, and capturing new opportunities. We are mainly involved in LED traffic safety systems including traffic signal management, road marker supply, various traffic sign manufacture, etc.

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Typical Solution

Traffic Control System

Pedestrian Crossing System

Ground Signal

Temporary Signal For Road Construction

Ramp Control

Pole Signal

SAVE UP TO 40% Intersection Waiting Time

Check Our Self-Adaptive Traffic Control System

Automatically adjust signal timing based on real-time traffic flows

Why Us?


We are renowned for providing the very best service, quality and health and safety in everything that we do.


We are able to supply, often at short notice, everything from traffic signs to signal lights.


All products offered are of the highest quality and meet all appropriate testing and approval standards (International) as required.


We professionally perform all stages from production to commissioning


Whatever requirements you may have we are more than happy to tailor our operations to suit your needs.


We have the knowledge, training, and equipment to complete the job safely, thoroughly, and on time

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