Traffic VMS LED Variable Message Sign

The Variable Message Sign (VMS) are LED displays with a wide flexibility of use. They can display text messages, graphics or even videos that combine to be the most effective means of reporting and controlling traffic. They also provide other benefits such as increased safety level, efficiency in the transmission of useful information to drivers, reduction of stress level and improvements in decision making that affect mobility.

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The modern design of variable message sign based on a modular approach allows equipment to be manufactured according to different configurations in terms of size, resolution, color layout, text combinations and graphics.

Specification of variable message sign
  • Application flexibility: Variable message panels are typically installed along roads or highways or on the roadside. However, positioning is also common in other contexts including road junctions, city gates and urban avenues. We can also offer our customers advice on the best solution to choose, based on the needs of each project.
  • Content flexibility: The variable message panels display monochrome or color texts and images respecting the formats, dimensions and colors of the fixed license plates of the client’s requirements. In urban areas, they can also be used to communicate public information or tourist messages. We can customize the product based on the communication needs of each context and each customer.
  • Working Temperature: -40ºC ~ +80ºC
  • Average Life of LEDs: 80,000 Hours