Solar LED Amber Flashing Traffic Warning Light

GA Traffic designs and manufactures solar-powered flashing signal (traffic sign) lights that give advance warnings to drivers on the road with its bright flashing LED lights.

We have multiple sizes, designs and types available. Our systems can include custom made signs and directional indicators, along with associated control systems. Control system technology is constantly evolving with the aims of improving reliability, visibility, and efficiency of traffic flow.

  • High brightness
  • UV- resistant Polycarbonate case
  • LED Light Diameter is opitional for 20cm 30cm 40cm
  • Visor increases signal visibility in sunlight

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Amber (Yellow) safety traffic warning light provide an all-purpose visual warning in multiple applications. The amber flashing beacon is used on machinery, buildings and vehicles to alert hazardous conditions. The flashing beacon can go on warning signs or perimeters of buildings to signal alert specific conditions that may impact people in the area. In applications such as traffic signs, the traffic warning light are required to flash for 24 hours straight.

Specification of traffic warning light
  • Size: dia200mm, dia300mm, dia400mm
  • Led Colors: optional red, yellow, other colors on demand
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Installation: Mounted on the pole
  • Working Temperature: -40ºC ~ +80ºC
  • Adjustable Flashing Pattern: 12 hrs per day or 24 hrs per day flashing, meet regulatory requirements
  • Housing: Anti-UV PC, higher tolerance under sunlight exposure
  • High Intensity: our lights visible in both day & night. People can see the light from over 2500 ft, a great addition to high traffic area
  • Average Life of LEDs: 80,000 Hours
  • Solar Battery: Integrated with solar technology, no trenching, cabling, wiring required