Solar Wireless Pedestrian Crossing System

System features

Solar Wireless Pelican Crossing Traffic Light System is a special pedestrian-actuated warning system for uncontrolled marked crosswalks. It uses solar energy to generate its power and does not need electricity cables. System has below features:

1. The system is wireless communication: when people want to cross the street, the pedestrian signal will turn green after the pedestrian push button is triggered. Also vehicle signal will turn red at the same time to indicate vehicles need to stop.

2. Time is programmable: the pedestrian green signal time can be set up according to project needs. Moreover, if the pedestrian button is pressed more than one time during the circle, the system will start over because it has protection for this problem, and the time between two circles can be set up according to needs.

3. solar road studs can be added: As an option, solar wireless road studs can be added to this system, thereby the vehicle will be easier to get notified when people cross the road.

Solar Wireless Pedestrian Crossing System Configuration

Solar Wireless Pedestrian Crossing System use solar panel, wireless control system, pedestrian push button, battery, 12V LED traffic lights & Pedestrian lights. Whole system runs based on Wireless and Solar Battery technology.

Solar Wireless Pedestrian Crossing System 02

Power system

12V solar panel, deep circle maintenance free battery

Signal light

12VDC vehicle lights, 12VDC pedestrian lights, Solar road studs (optional)

Control system

12VDC signal light wireless controller, wireless solar road stud controller (for solar road stud control)


Push button


The solar wireless pedestrian crossing system is ideal for

Urban mid-block crosswalks

School zones

Intersections with through lanes on major legs

Multi-lane crosswalks


Trail crossings

Parking facilities

Corporate campuses

University campuses

Cost reduction

Energy use is reduced by up to 50% with efficient LED lighting technology.
Installation costs decrease since the system is wireless communication.

Easy setup and installation

Modular components enable ultra-fast maintenance operations.

Commitment to Sustainability

Reduction of CO2 emissions achieving a greener and more sustainable environment.


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