Solar Wireless Temporary Traffic Light With 1500m Communicate Distance

Widely application

Most two-lane road and bridge repairs require a single-lane closure with two-way traffic flow in the other lane controlled by traffic lights, thus a pair of temporary traffic lights are required when road repairing.

Easy to use

Communicated by wireless, they can be set up in less than 10 minutes. They run on battery power charged by solar panels. They do not require any digging and eliminate the need for bringing power lines to the site.

Solar Wireless Temporary Traffic Light-3


2.4GHz Antenna


Radio communication capability of 1500m

Power supply

No less than a week of continuous operation without sunlight

Main characteristics

  • 3 colors signal head (countdown timer is optional)
  • Optional for trailer type and trolley type
  • Completely solar powered
  • Radio Operation


  • Programming via a remoter
  • Each pair signal lights with an unique address, wireless communicate will not be mixed
  • Many pairs of signals can share a remoter
  • User friendly programming process

Technical characteristics

  • 200mm or 300mm led signal head
  • 12V solar panel
  • 12V deep cycle battery
  • 2.4GHz Antenna
  • All Red support
  • Manual model support
  • Fixed Time support
  • Amber flashing support

Advantages of Solar Wireless Temporary Traffic Light :

When storing or transporting, it has a small footprint which makes it easy to move.

the sign is versatile because it can be equipped to meet many job requirements

Durable signal heads

Integrated solar charging panels

Fully automatic cycle mode

Virtually Maintenance-Free Design

Vandal Resistant Components and Hardware

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