Self-Learning LED Traffic Light Countdown Timer

GUANGAN’s countdown signals is a device developed and manufactured in order to indicate time remaining until the next red or green phase. It available for Round shape (dia 200mm or dia 300mm) and square shape (600*800mm, 900*600mm, 1200*600mm) with “8” “88” “199” “888” digital. Incorporating a bi-colour display with red and green high flux diodes with an amber display also available.

self-learning type traffic countdown timer, if the schedule of traffic controller changed, will cause the countdown to blank and re-learn the period, it will not restart countdowns until it has seen the period that it is intended to countdown (Briefly, countdown timer need 1-3 circles to learn first, then will work based on new schedule).

GUANGAN’S countdown signal is designed and manufactured such that it provides or meets the following:
· Excellent visual performance and enhanced sun phantom immunity
· Plug and Play installation – no configuration required
· Can be powered from an 85-265V AC supply or a 12V/ 24VDC supply.
· The timing is derived from a self-learning function